The crisis is not yet over

The COVID-19 epidemic in the country is not over. The negligence of physical distancing in public places is a matter of concern. The number of people infected with this virus in India exceeding over two hundred twenty-five thousand. India currently holds 7th position in terms of infected people in the world, with these trends India may leave behind Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.                        
          Perhaps in terms of per million casualties, India is a good example

The rate of infection is increasing, it is clear that the epidemic that has arisen from this dangerous virus is penetrated in the communities, and we are not in a position to get rid of it soon. Despite this, it is a matter of relief for the people that more than one hundred thousand people in India have been cured, after defeating this disease and the rate of recovery from this infection has also reached close to 50 per cent. At the same time countries with strong public health infrastructure, the patient's recovery rate is over 95 per cent, Ireland is a shining example of this.  Perhaps in terms of per million casualties, India is a good example, it is reassuring that the death toll in India is far less than other countries. 

The Public Health experts are saying that the peak of COVID-19 infection in India is yet to come, therefore India need to undertake the following measures:
  1. Without further loss of time, India may take all possible steps to build the required Public Health infrastructure.
  2. Two meeters physical distance is important between individuals, necessary, regular hand washing and sneezing etiquettes are key for prevention. 
  3. The country needs to have a Public Health strategy- incorporating all sectors like Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Transport, Guidelines for the Elderly Population, SOP for people returning to work.
  4. This is a public health emergency not a law and order problem so at national, state, district, city, block, town and village level Public Health Experts Committees need to be established and these committees need to recommend policies and strategies to the administration and civil administration must have people-friendly approach in the implementation of Public Health policies and recommendations.  
  5. Many best practices are available within India and around the world so public health experts regularly need to have meaningful learning exchanges. 
  6. Test, Trace and Treat are helpful and its success would depend on all elements are aligned and implemented fully.  
It is proving helpful in the countries where lifting of lockdown is progressing in a phased manner with planning and strict implementation of two meters physical distancing and use of masks policy. 

Since the crisis is not yet averted or even in control, everyone must follow physical distance and conduct life with caution. This crisis also presents an opportunity that the state governments should improve their health facilities and services.
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Anonymous said…
अक्षम नौकरशाही में नागरिक कर्तव्य या सामाजिक जिम्मेदारी की भावना का अभाव होता है।

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