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NEW INDIA – By Prashant Shukla

After independence, India is on a path to make a positive impact on the world economic and political landscape. Indian companies have bought Europe’s biggest steel-makers, Arcelor and Corus, and premier car brand Jaguar, similarly,  many European and American firms relocated their operations to India. Indian government agencies are active for broadening economic cooperation in Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. Indian influence is growing due to its rapid economic growth, the presence of its talented pool of professionals all over the world, and because of the largest consumer market. India has enormous challenges, as it should not assume that the economic success of India is always guaranteed. Policymakers must overcome significant challenges for continuous economic growth such as inadequate infrastructure, creation of a talented pool of professionals, active management and investment in health and education, and removal of rural and urban poverty. Assume that the policy

Secrets Impacts Relations

Recent researches suggest secrets can negatively affect mental and physical health. The secrets become a problem because our brain tends to ramble toward the secret, which can lead to a reduced sense of well-being.   The most recent Belgian study examines this subject that secrets in the family relationship make him or her less trustful of the secret-keeper, which creates a cycle that ultimately damages the relationship.  Secrets in the family had adverse effects on health and tended to cause more guilt than keeping them. The University of Santa Barbara recent research suggests that unloading secrets help the spouse to stop worrying about the secrets, and it increases the self-esteem of the revealer. Oversimplifying these research findings indicates that secrets always cause harm and revealing them always makes things better.  "There's enough evidence to find that secrets can cause stress and anxiety and affect the health and relationship both. As it increases insuli
What Next After Trump - Kim 2nd Summit Prashant Shukla is an observer of International Development, Ireland India Council, Ireland. The recent famous summit between Trump and Kim ended with a mess and without a direction. However, President Trump signalled that not all over yet on the prospects on negotiations and he continues to call Kim Jong-un, whom he likes, "quite a guy."   President Trump called a “productive time” as two leaders got to know each other. The reports are emerging on some activities are seen on North Korean missile test sites. It will lead to whether the Kim might be getting ready to conduct another test to indicate his frustration with the negotiations, in which the United States refused to lift sanctions in exchange for Kim’s offering to dismantle nuclear infrastructure. It is in the news that North Korea has offered to shut down the Yongbyon nuclear complex consisting of reactors, fuel reprocessing plants, and uranium enrichment fac