Can there be an India-China war?

The people are apprehensive as the situation for a  war between India and China? We have the following reasons for this. The news of aggression between the two countries from Ladakh is coming on an hourly basis. The Prime Minister of India held serious discussions with the Generals and National Security Advisor. At a time the severity of the Corona crisis, what is the meaning of spending hours on India-China issues by the government? The most important Chinese side is mobilising Chinese forces at three to four places near the Indian borders of Ladakh and Sikkim. China has already built strong roads, bunkers and military bases in its cross-border areas.
What could be the reason for such withdrawal of its citizens from a country? 
Now China has increased the number of troops at every checkpoint. There was a sudden announcement recently, to take back Chinese employees and businessmen working in India. What could be the reason for such withdrawal of its citizens from a country? Any country makes such a collective return of its citizens only when it is at risk of war or a pandemic. The Chinese Communist Party's newspaper 'Global Times' has also contributed to increasing the scope of this threat. 

Indo-Sino experts are saying that China is making a strategy to divert the attention of the world by fighting with India, China wants the world focus away from the spread of the worldwide epidemic of COVID-19 and diverts the attention on India-China war. They also believe that the US-run business that is uprooted from China should not fall in India's bag, it is worrying for China.

Fighting a war with India, China wants to prove its hegemony, and recent events may indicate a war. Would China afford to open another front? as it has severe conflicts continued with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea would open another front at its southern borders. 

The trade between India and China has expanded rapidly in the past decade and China enjoying a large trade surplus. Over a hundred Chinese companies, many of them state-owned, have established their operations in India. Chinese firms occupy nearly 60 per cent of India’s mobile phone market, while India’s major exports to China lean toward cotton, copper and gemstones.

Trade volume is US$95 billion in 2018, and passed $53 billion in the first half of 2019, with about $43 billion of that is Chinese exports to India. The disagreements between India and China are historic. The two shares the world’s longest unmarked border and fought a full-fledged war in 1962 occasionally engaged in several small conflicts. But since 1975 no bullet has been fired between two nuclear powers.
Engaging in a war with India would severely damage Chines global ambitions.
The recent events suggest that this time further escalation in conflicts is possible. On both sides, military deployments are increasing day by day. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been testing India’s military readiness and political resolve in several strategic areas and most importantly, this suits Chinese strategists. However, engaging in a war with India would severely damage Chines global ambitions.



Anonymous said…
Very appropriate description about the present scenario. I think that India and China are about to go to war.The present escalating buildup by both countries in the borders may be a sign of more trouble to come in future...

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