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Indian Independence 15th August: Sixty Seven Years Journey

Indian Independence proved a turning point for world order, after Ireland and India large number of countries became Independent,  Indian independence proved the last nail to the sinking colonial ship. After Independence, the Indian democracy is an outstanding example for democracies around the world. India is an ethnically most different country in the world, and today it is an example of “Unity in Diversity.” India is doing exceptionally well in empowering men and women of their civil and political rights and improving the lives of millions of Indians every year by bringing them out of poverty. Perhaps millions of Indians still live in poverty, and it is a country where rich and poor live side by side. Pre Independence Indian Economic Growth Well-known British economic historian Angus Maddison wrote in his book “Contours of the world economy” outlined India’s macro-economic history that India was the world's largest economy during the 1 AD and 1000 AD. Maddison wri